I decided this year that I would be Lilith, the Bride of Dracula and my boyfriend would be Dr. Acula. I started out with just a simple black dress that I bought from an online store on clearance. I then went to a fabric store and bought a pattern in taffeta that would match the 18th century time period I was going for. It took me about 3 hours to hot glue the fabric to the front and bottom of the dress. I had to add fabric to the bottom because I wanted it to almost touch the ground, this added full effect of the time period.

It took me about 30 minutes to make the belt. The belt is actually a belt from a robe I was no longer using. I figured that this would allow me to tie it in the back and make any necessary fitting adjustments. I also made my necklace from scraps of the leftover taffeta. I used a costume belt from a different outfit and cut it and hot glued it into a shape that would hang the way I wanted it to hang and then glued the fabric all around it. Then I used acrylic jewels I had in my crafting supplies to make the pendent. This was achieved by simple hot glue and some imagination.

The wig and fangs were both clearance finds online. I love the full shape of the dress and how much it turned out exactly like I imagined. I wore this at my annual Halloween party and it was a big hit. I had many compliments and many of my guests said this was my best creation yet.