Adorable Last Minute Scarecrow Costume

This adorable  scarecrow  costume was one that I put together last fall for my grand daughter’s first trip to the pumpkin patch. The costume consists of a tulle petticoat over a seersucker yellow sundress. I made both the dress and petticoat, but a dress from a thrift store would work just a well. To fashion a petticoat , I just attached strands of tulle to a crochet headband.

I used safety pins to  apply sunflowers from the dollar store to the front of the dress. The sunflowers cascade across the body from shoulder to the opposite hip. The hat is a large triangle of fabric with a brim. I added a sunflower and some blue feathers to match the under skirt.

This is a very simple design to copy, yet, has a little different twist from the usual scarecrow costume.

My grand daughter was photographed by several people as she romped around the pumpkin patch . She made an adorable addition to the patch!!