Amazingly Adorable DIY Pink Robot Costume

Our 4 year old, Charlotte, asked to be a robot for Halloween. My husband said, challenge accepted!

We made the costume out of cardboard boxes. Used some duct tape to get the shape we wanted. The arms and legs are made of flexible dryer vent. The pink shoe covers are made of knee pads from the dollar store. In the center of the front of the costume is built in fan (Purple). We live in Florida and Halloween can be pretty hot, so my husband built in a fan that blows up onto her face to keep her cool. The “ears” are safety ear muffs taken apart and painted pink. The light sticks coming out of the ears, are from the dollar store, as is the light on the top of her head. The lights on the front are finger lights and the white waist band light are some Christmas lights in a cord keeper, all from the dollar store. There is a “battery pack” on the back which is dixie cup box full of toilet paper tubes cover in tape to look like robot batteries. The robot hands we purchased, they are lego hands. The mouth is a screen mesh so she can talk and for more ventilation. The whole costume probably only cost about $25-30.

Charlotte can be pretty shy but was acutally breaking out into a robot walk at her preschool’s trunk or treat. We were very surprised how everyone reacted to and loved her costume. But the best part was making it together as a family.

Char-Bot 2000 back