Adorable Despicable Me Family Costume

We love to dress up as a group for Halloween.  My daughters voted to dress up this year as characters from Despicable Me.

Gru was the easy part – I found a gray and black striped scarf on Amazon, ordered a fake nose, and voila!  My husband wore his own black coat and pants and enjoyed speaking with a silly accent all night.

Agnes and Margot’s clothes were found over a few trips to thrift shops.  We used a lot of gel to make Agnes’ hair stand up, and she already had the “fluffy” unicorn toy!

For my Minion costume, the only thing I had to make was the hat.  I used transparent red plastic cups with battery-operated tea light candles under them.  I hot-glued these to a strip of craft foam, then stuck them using velcro to a yellow stocking cap.

For the minion eye, I used the ring from a mason jar lid! I hand-drew the eyeball onto craft foam and glued it into the lid, then used black elastic around the cap. I found the megaphone on Amazon and had fun shouting “Bee-Do!  Bee-Do!” at other trick-or-treaters.  The yellow shirt and overalls came from Goodwill.

Adorable Despicable Me Family Costume

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