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Addams Family Costume with a Twist

My boyfriend and I had plans to be Gomez and Morticia weeks prior to Halloween, but it wasn’t until the day of that it came to me that my pet iguana needed to be a part of our idea, and so we became the Addams Family.

Her outfit was completely handmade by me, and I plotted out my Wednesday design as I rushed home from work.

Wednesday Addams Iguana Costume

  • I had an old pair of black leggings that I cut into a cape, using the elastic as the neck of the cape.
  • I then cut a collar out of white felt and wrapped it around the elastic, sewing them together on the under side.
  • On the top, I sewed together just a small amount so the collar would stay in place, while giving room to slip in a yellow ribbon, which would be used to tie the cape gently around her.
  • The wig was the hard part. Seeing there are no Halloween wigs made for iguanas, I found my way to a dollar store and bought myself a doll with black braided hair.
  • I cut the braids off and tied the tops together, using a slight amount of adhesive (that poor bald doll is still in the corner of my living room looking miserable).
  • Even after the adhesive died, I didn’t want to have it sitting on her head without some fabric in-between, though.  It was then that I decided to sew felt underneath it for support.
  • I then slipped ribbon between the two ties at the top of the braids where, again, I could gently tie it around her so she would be comfortable.

As you can see from the photo, my iguana was a great sport about wearing the costume. It was her expression though that made me realize that she was, in fact, the perfect Wednesday Addams.

Addams Family Costume with a Twist

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