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A 5-Year-Old’s Costume Wish Come True to Become Jack Frost!

When my son decided he wanted to be Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians for Halloween, my immediate reaction was, “Hey, that will be an cool and easy costume to find since the movie was so popular. Needless to say, my assumptions were incorrect. It is amazing how many people have not seen this very wonderful and entertaining movie.

After searching and searching, I discovered that in order  to fulfill my son’s wish of being one of his new found heroes, I was going to have to make it. I looked for tutorials but only found one, so I decided to do my own interpretation of Jack Frost’s costume for the movie without putting my 5 year old in skinny jeans. I bought the sweater and pants at a consignment store and spend a total of 15 hours over 2 weeks cutting, painting, detailing, and applying the pants wraps to his costume. My husband spend a total of 4 hours constructing his wood staff. It is made of dowels, duck tape, paper mache, and spray paint.

After it was completed, the look on our son’s face was well worth all the hours we put into making it. He was so excited that he could not stop giggling when he tried it on and I was spraying his hair white! It was by far the best gift we could ever give our son! We may not be able to give him everything he wants, but at least this was on wish we could fulfill!

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