7 Eleven Store Homemade Costume

I created this 7 Eleven store attendant costume for a “Creatures of the Night” Christmas party.

Best part was the idea of putting battery led lights on the costume to replicate the lighting of a 7 Eleven store that stands out at night time. This took the costume to another level of interactivity.

Hardest part was trying to support the top heavy area with the lights. I had to use wooden rods to support the entire frame.

To do research for the costume, I walked into a 7 Eleven store several times to study the features of the store to create the details in this costume.

A few items and steps I used:

  • Foam cardboard
  • battery operated lights from Ikea
  • Print high quality 7 Eleven logo
  • Stick random products from 7 Eleven. Fresh Krispy Kreme donuts are a must (Unfortunately the condoms that don’t appear in this picture were stolen at the party)
  • silver gaffa tape and silver rope ribbon for the counter area
  • Create price tags on shelf
  • wear black polo shirt
  • print mini logo as a badge on the shirt

I was surprised to win 1st prize for best dressed female which was a bonus as I had so much fun making this costume!