This Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume is an easy costume to make and requires no sewing needed (no skill… lol), just fabric glue.

Edward Scissorhands Halloween Costume Instructions

  • I loved the Edward Scissorhands film when I was younger. I wanted my son to be something cool, but not too scary, so this was the perfect idea.
  • I had a leather jacket and trousers that were given to me.
  • I bought some dog collars and belts, as well has having some at home.
  • I arranged all of the bits where I liked them and used fabric glue to stick them all in place.
  • My sister had lovely black boots with buckles on them so he borrowed those to complete the outfit (between us the jacket and trousers were girls’ (ah well … good job he’s too little to know).
  • For the hair I bought a long black wig, cut it and back combed it and then hung it upside down and sprayed it with hair spray to get the effect of messy hair.
  • Black gloves and cheap claw gloves were used to create the hands (not quite scissors, but good enough for a 3 year old.
  • I used face paint to complete the rest of the look.

This costume was a big hit on Facebook, around town and at his school. I received lots of praise for my hard work … not just sticking. :)