Welcome to the 85th Academy Awards! I am your host Oscar and I will be with you for the whole evening! I am wearing this little number from the 2013 “Sweitzer Fall Collection!” I got the idea to be the host of the Oscars from looking at past pictures on Coolest Homemade Costumes!


This is entirely homemade with the following items:

  •  Bald Cap spray painted GOLD
  •  Old men’s dress shirt spray painted GOLD
  •  Old pair of men’s Khakis spray painted GOLD
  •  Kitchen Gloves spray painted GOLD
  •  Fake Oscar feet spray painted GOLD
  •  Face makeup…guess what color…you got it GOLD
  •  I am actually standing on the ground and my feet are covered by a two piece box (so I could walk in it like having big shoes on!) When I put my actually feet together the 2 piece box becomes one platform that I am “standing” on.
  •  Top it off with a GOLD sword made of cardboard and a RED CARPET and we have a winner!


….and the Award for “2013 Best Costume” goes to Jimmy for his creative take on an old GOLD guy!