Horn Stumps – Permatex red RTV silicone from the local auto parts store. I emptied the whole tube into a plastic cups and let sit for 2 months to harden up. When cured I used a electric hand grinder to carefully grind some grooves across the tops to give it the right look and the bottom I used a dremel tool to carve a bowl shape to fit my scalp. I glued them into place using 3M Super 77 spray adhesive.

Hellboy’s Coat – I bought fabric and a pattern for a western duster. Followed the instructions, cut fabric and sewed it all back together. Not an easy chore, I never really used a sewing machine before.

Hellboy’s Gun – Nerf Maverick from a garage sale. I spray painted it black and made a gun holster to hold it on my belt.

Hellboy’s Rosary – Borrowed from a friend to use. Just a cheap Halloween accessory from Walmart or Party City.

Hellboy’s Shirt – From my top dresser drawer. Just a regular black t-shirt.

Hellboy’s Pants – Pair of old black jeans I had laying around.

Hellboy’s Tail – I cheated and bought one to use from a local store from their halloween section. I used some “snaps” that they use for leather products and attached it to the black pants.

Hellboy’s Boots – Just an old pair of black work boots I had laying around and didn’t use in a while. But I did clean them up a little to look better.

Hellboy’s Red Skin – 1st attempt was red latex body paint. Two and a half hours later had a major “wardrobe malfunction”. The latex stuck together every time I moved and it also pulled off my face when started to talk or smile. So it was all pulled off including some hair that it stuck to – OUCH!!!!! In a desperate last minute attempt I found out that the temporary hair coloring in the spray can that you buy for Halloween can be used like spray paint on your skin for coloring too. It worked out great, but do not get it close to your eyes or breathe it in.

Hellboy’s Hair – It was my own hair. I grew it out for 4 months including a full beard. I had it cut to resemble Hellboy’s and had it dyed black to match.

Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom – I cheated again. I bought it from the store but noticed you couldn’t fit your hand all the way in. I cut off the cuff off and then cut the hand in 2 were the seam was located. I used a dremel tool to carve out enough space to fit my hand in properly and then glued it all back together. I then used some og the latex paint to recoat the inside of the hand again.

Hellboy’s Kitty Cat – Borrowed from a friend that loves stuffed animals.

Hellboy’s Eye’s – Yellow pair of contact lenses that I bought.