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1st-Place Homemade Minion Costumes for $25.00

This Minion costume is one of the easiest costumes I have ever made. It takes about 15 minutes and you only need a few supplies.

Supply List:

  • Gold Hooded Sweatshirt ($15),
  • Overalls ($3 at the thrift store),
  • 1 Package of black pipe cleaners ($1 at Walmart),
  • Glue Gun ($2.50 at Walmart),
  • Glue sticks ($1 at Walmart) and a pack of plastic glasses ($1 at Party City) and Minion Google download ($2 on Etsy)

This costume turned heads of all ages from 1-90, We got ooohhhhs ahhhhhhhsss and a ton of smiles. My son even won the 1st place Kindergarten costume prize. Pretty awesome story for a 5 year old.

Minion Hair:

Step 1: Put the sweatshirt on your child’s head, using your glue gun put a good size drop of glue directly on the sweatshirt wherever you would like the pipe cleaner to go (HAIR). I put about 15-20 4″ pipe cleaners all over the hood.

Minion Googles:

Step 2: Print out the Minion Googles from Etsy, cut them out and glue them to the plastic glasses.

Fancy up the overalls:

Step 3: Print out the Gru Logo anf glue to the overalls

Face Paint Fun:

Step 4: Paint the child face yellow.

And, Wallah, you now have a 1st place Minion for $25.00

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