OKAY, so first off, I wanted to be little mermaid and my boyfriend Prince Eric, but with a horrifying twist! Price Eric has turned into a zombie and took a chunk out of little sweet Ariel’s neck. Our costume was a HIT at my party and I received so many compliments on each of our costumes!

For my costume, I went to Joann’s Fabric and bought:

  • about three yards of green sequence fabric
  • purple shinny stretch material (for top)
  • pearls
  • rhinestones
  • hot glue
  • sea shells
  • tolling for the bottom of my skirt

Also, I ordered a red wig; I don’t remember the site, but eBay had the cheapest. I just didn’t have enough time to wait for it to be sent from eBay! I love my wig, probably my favorite part of the costume.

Also, I wore red lip stick and two sets of fake eyelashes. Ariel doesn’t have much make up on other than lips and eyes, so I kept it simple and didn’t do anything crazy like eyeliner or eye-shadow. Lips and mascara!

My skirt (tail):
I made the costume by wrapping the green fabric around me and pinning it to my body, forming a tight fit around the top and my hips and loser at the bottom. After pinning, I left a top at the back of my skirt(tail) to tie it and make it tight around the top of my stomach. Then I hand sewed the back of the skirt from the top of my booty all the way up to where I cut and left a part to tie. After sewing the skirt, I made a V at the bottom of the skirt and twisted the tolling fabric and hot glued it to the skirt making it cover the whole bottom.

For my top:
I got a bando bra from JC Penny’s (purple) and laid the purple fabric over the top of that, then I traced the bando onto the fabric and cut it out so it matched it. Then I hand sewed the purple fabric around the bando bra and leaving a piece in the middle to have it tie and let it hang and form around the bra I wore under the bando bra. I wore a strapless for extra support. After the bando bra was all sewed with the purple fabric, I left enough to cover the back of the straps and to tie it in the back. Then I added the rhinestones, shells, and pearls; adding them just all over the top of the bando bra.
I ran around barefoot but you could wear flip flops or would be cute with brown or white wedges, whatever is comfortable for you. I was at home for my party so I could wear nothing on my feet.

Zombie Prince Eric
White men’s shirt from Marshalls was about $13. We cut that up and I stomped around in the dirt on it. Then my boyfriend’s sister made fake blood and I put the blood on my hands and left him hand-prints and bloody all over his back.

We took an old pair of blue work pants and cut them off, then cut the bottoms to look like they were trashed and ripped them up a little to make them look dirty.

He wore just black chucks.

I loved our costumes and it was so much fun!