I hand-made the costumes for myself (Mermaid) and my Pirate husband, AARRHH! My costume was fairly simple. I used an old tank top and bought a green skirt from a thrift store. I took in the sides and added a tail with tulle. I created green hair extensions from individual store bought pieces. I added my own sea shells in my hair and also as a belt and bracelet. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to look pretty or scary. Looks like scary won that debate.

Now for Zombie Pirate- I actually started his costume last year and never got around to mine so we put it off until this year. Halloween is our wedding anniversary so I wanted to make something extra special. The jacket and pants are from my aunt that is no longer with us. She was a 2x and my husband is obviously nowhere near that size. I had to take in the pants so they would stay around his waist.

The jacket was actually a good fit. The ruffled shirt started out as a white crisp shirt on a clearance rack. I cut it up and soaked it in tea for an aged effect. I made my own ruffles and sewed them to the shirt. The hat actually took the longest to make. I took a sun hat and covered it with felt and added ruffles that were stained red from Kool-Aid. The skull and crossbones was a key chain I have had for years. The feathers came from Hobby Lobby.

We had a great anniversary. I was the ONLY mermaid at the bar we went to and he was by far the best pirate there. We received many compliments. I hope everyone likes our costumes as much as we did. I couldn’t get a picture of us together. My husband cut my head off in one picture, but you get a good visual of the tail.