Everything in this Ninja Turtle and Shredder Costume expect for the weapons and the Ninja Turtle nose, were homemade.

The Ninja Turtle Costume:

  • Round Sledding Disk
  • Green Sticky Foam
  • Yellow Sticky Form
  • Brown Foam
  • Red Fabric
  • Ninja Turtle nose bought online
  • Green Fabric
  • Green Paint
  • Brown Spray Paint

The most work was put into the shell . The sledding disk was red and I sprayed painted it brown then I cut and measured all the pieces with sticky foam to fit the shell part. I did use extra glue for the foam pieces to stick. I created shoulder straps with brown fabric for the shell. I just bought a long sleeve green shirt and pants, a yard of green fabric to cover my hair. The nose had a strap that went around so that it would stay in place and covered my entire face with green paint.

The Shredder Costume: (This costume took a lot more work)

  • bike helmet (for the top of shredders head piece)
  • lots of foam
  • 2 cans of silver spray paint
  • black fabric
  • purple fabric
  • gray fabric

I made the cape with the purple fabric and a tunic with the gray fabric. All pieces were measured and cut for the arms, hands, face, and helmet. Once all pieces were cut we spray painted everything silver after they were dry used a commercial grade glue to glue all pieces together.