This year for Halloween my husband I picked our favorite Christmas characters from Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Yukon Cornelius and the Bumble. This was and still is my most favorite Christmas movie! These costumes were actually pretty easy to make. We made Yukon Cornelius with an old blue jacket, a black belt, a toy gun and an ice pick I made from cardboard and duct tape. For his beard, I found a free crocheted beard pattern online and my mom crocheted it up. She modified the mustache to be a little longer with wire in it to make it stand up, and she made a red hat and yellow ear muffs that attached.

The bumble was a little more work, but was surprisingly easy. I made his pants out of white furry fleece and a pj pants pattern I had in my stash. I just used a long sleeve shirt as a pattern for the top. To make his head, I took a cheap hat with a brim and glued on the furry fleece and felt and stuffed it with polyfil to make it stand up. His face is  made of foam and blue felt, I just sewed this on the head, and I glued on felt teeth. We wore these out to a party and made a big hit! We plan to make Christmas cards with the photos. Too see more photos and read more on the process check out my blog post.

Happy Halloween!