My 6 year old son decided in July this year that he wanted to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween. Once he told me this I knew I had to get my creative mind working for this costume!

We started with the base of a black shirt that has Velcro on the front secure it and black pants with an elastic waste. I asked lots of people to donate any old belts that were black and had a lot of metal on them to help with the cost of not having to buy so many belts just to cut them up. I started with designing the costume and trying to place the belts where we wanted them. My son helped with the design and where the belts were placed.

I bought 3 packs of rivets and 1 pack of jean snap on buttons at the craft store to add to the look without having all of the weight from using only belts. I used the rivets on the fabric pieces going vertically on the shirt where it was hard to place a belt. We used the belts we had to wrap around the legs of the costume and one of the arms. I also cut one belt to loosely fit around my son’s neck with the buckle showing. The belts on the pants were secured with fabric glue and re-enforced with black electrical tape.

For the Scissorhands I bought a pack of plastic silver knives and used sandpaper to file the rough edge of the knife down to give it more of the smooth scissor look. Then one knife each were placed on the pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger. On the pointer finger I glued to knives in an X shape to give the effect of scissors on his hands. These knives were secured on each finger with black electrical tape to a pair of black gloves. Note, have your child wear the gloves while doing this or stuff them so the tape isn’t to tight. We finished off the look with messy hair that we sprayed black and white face paint to make him look pale. I used eyeliner to make the scars on his face and added a little burgundy eye shadow to make the scars look real. My son was completely pleased with the costume as I was after all of the work he looked amazing on Halloween!