This has to be the most fun costume that I have ever been a part of! It was so simple. All we did was buy a five pack of men’s shirts, a pack of different colored headbands, and a large sharpie. The hardest part was definitely writing our letters of the shirts. It took forever to get them thick enough and to make sure that they didn’t look too scribbly, but it was worth it!
We each took a shirt and a different colored headband, then cut them however we wanted and wore them with black shorts. We got so many compliments! Everyone loved it and thought it was hilarious.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good night! It was always funny when one of the letter had wandered off and we couldn’t stand in our order anymore hahaha. As the night went on we lost more and more of our letters, until we were just OO. It was altogether a really amazing and fun night!