These X- Men Costumes: Wolverine and Mystique took months to plan.  My husband and I used these costumes for two Halloweens, because of the time we had put into them.

We started by making the full spandex body suit for Mystique costume, I then used fabric paints to add all of the scales to the body suit.  I also put some fabric paint on wax paper to use as facial scales, which I stuck on with Elmer’s glue.  I used blue face paint for my face and neck and red body paint in my hair.  The overall look itched but was great.

The Wolvering costume consisted of my husband growing out both his facial hair and on his head.  We had a friend that works at a metals factory make some custom Claws.  They had a small handle that was in the palm, but the claws wrapped between the fingers.  He also hit the gym pretty hard to get into performance condition.  Then come costume day, my husband dyed his hair black and styled it, shaved his facial hair in to the Wolverine style, put on a white tank top and blue jeans, and claws.

It was a wonderful couples costume and we truly had a blast, X-Men style.