About a year ago, I saw a viral YouTube video of an inflatable tube man costume. I thought it was hilarious and it definitely piqued my interest. However it wasn’t until recently, when Carvana featured an inflatable tube man in its now infamous commercial, I found the catalyst needed to act upon my enthusiasm. So this year, I decided I would craft the costume. I asked myself if I could accomplish such a comical task. How difficult would it be to create? I was unsure what I would encounter, but I was determined to create this costume.

Forging ahead, I searched for instructions on Google. To my dismay, most of the instructions were vague and convoluted. I decided I would use bits and pieces from different sources to create my very own inflatable tube man. I started by using two laundry baskets, carefully attached by zip ties, to form the bodily tube shape. I used pink bed sheets I acquired from Wal-Mart to construct the body and arm. Then the task of creating the big cranium reared its ugly head. It was by far the hardest endeavor of the whole costume. I had to dig deep down and recall my dreaded grade-school Math to achieve this feat. I calculated the circumference of the head so it would be able to fit onto the body. Through countless trials and errors, both diameters finally matched. Next on the list were the arms. It proved to be difficult as I did not double the measurements leading to the incorrect length arms. It was all coming together nicely. This is how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt piecing together his creation! The costume finally reached its culmination with the last few finishing touches: felt for the eyes, pipe cleaners for the hair, and holes and final stitching for the head and arms.

On Halloween night, I went to a go-kart event with my boyfriend to brandish my costume. I giggled quietly as I brought it out of his car trunk trying to contain my excitement. It was a delight to see everyone commending the costume and taking pictures of it. The pinnacle of success was standing at the finish line flailing and jumping as go-karts flew past waving back at me. It was an unforgettable wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man spectacle befitting of Halloween.