We had such fun this year making this e-bowl-la and hazmat costume! Everyone loved this idea.

We thought since sad stories were all over the news, why not lighten the mood and give others a laugh at a bad situation, right? Well we did just that!

The set of costumes were about $85.00 but you could go cheaper if you planned ahead. We didn’t.

  • Lowes was the store for the hazmat items. The paint suit and goggles were the most pricey.
  • E’s suit was from the Halloween store and was $39.99.
  • The hardest part was keeping the items like the bowls on E’s suit since it was a blow up! No gluing or stapling we possible and tape didn’t work. LOL!
  • I used black ribbon and made him a sash for the bowls and the E.

He looked like a blow up yard ornament so he scared everyone who came in. They all thought he was just a decoration. He was even punched a time or two due to scaring people. What a great time we all had!