This woman’s sexy Big Bird costume started with a Big Bird headband I bought at a second hand store. I thought, “This will be easy!” I was wrong, this was complicated but well worth the time. I went to every Dollar store and Wal-mart in the area and rid them of their white feather boas (the amount will depend on your size).

I picked a strapless summer dress that was stretchy and I knew I wouldn’t care if it got ruined. I put the dress around a kitchen chair and sewed all the feather boas to the dress. I then took a pair of socks and cut off the feet and sewed feather boas to each. I put the dress on and the socks on my arms to make sure there were no bald spots and once I confirmed everything was full and there were feathers all over my house it was time for the spray paint. I laid out garbage bags and spray painted the feather boas yellow.

I then bought 1 pair of orange fuzzy socks, sponges, leg warmers and hot pink spray paint. I took the orange fuzzy socks and cut  3 toes in the end and sewed them and then filled them with pieces of the sponge. I then took the leg warmers and sprayed the pink spray on them for the lines of the legs.

The sewing is what took up a lot of time. But I make costumes every year that are original and this was my favorite of them all.