This peacock costume is my first homemade costume. I’ve always wanted to be a peacock for Halloween, I did a bit of research and decided that I could make my own. I found a few peacock costumes that I liked and used those for inspiration (I also used this website). I used a navy blue corset for the top and a black tutu for the bottom. Materials used were peacock tail feathers, different types of feathers (long/short, green/black/blue), rhinestones, glue gun (with TONS of glue sticks), Velcro, and a feathered mask. I made the costume in a few sessions.

For the top, I started off gluing on black feathers into a V shape and also around the bottom of the corset. I then started to place the eye of the peacock feathers onto the corset starting from top to bottom. I layered on more black feathers onto the chest and also added a couple of dark greenish/black feathers for more depth. I glued on rhinestones onto the eye of the feathers to make it pop out.

For the tail it got a little complicated because I had no idea how I wanted it to look like and just improvised as I went along. It took a bit of trial and error. I cut a piece of cardboard into a V shape. Covered the upper part with black feathers so that the cardboard is hidden. Stuck five long strands of peacock tail feathers onto the cardboard in a fan motion and then layered with four more peacock feathers. I added black feathers to the stalks of the peacock feathers to add more depth and to hide the white part. I was going to just add some long black/green feathers to the bottom of the cardboard but then I found a peacock mask that I was in love with. I took apart the mask so that I could use the top half and started playing around with it to my liking. I added more black feathers to the bottom of the tail. I also added rhinestones to the peacock eyes.

For the headpiece, I purchased it from the store. However, there was a bit too much blue on it so I took it apart, rearranged it and added more black feathers.

I left the tutu as is.

I used Velcro to attach the tail onto my corset.. and VOILA! It really isn’t as hard as it looks or sounds but it does take a bit of time if you’re a novice like myself. A combination of peacock feathers and other feathers makes everything look pretty! Using a feather mask for the tail saved me tons of time. I do regret buying the headpiece because I ended up taking it apart anyways and you can easily make it yourself.