We all work on our own costumes. We start with a theme and gather materials throughout the year. This year’s theme is Winter and our group name is Winter Wonderland. Our outfits are made from various materials, ribbon, things found on clearance, fairy lights. The costumes change somewhat as we create. Sometimes you have to go with what is available rather than what you want.

Staffs and icicle wand are made with acrylic tubing and gluing acrylic ice pieces on them. Fairy lights are inserted in the tube. Boots were either hand made over shoes or slippers or decorated with boots on hand (I was willing to give them up for a good cause). Head pieces are made with head bands with styrofoam glued on to poke various materials in them. The horns are made with frog foam wrapped with cast material and decorated. This was attached to the innerds of a hard hat.