Our six year old started asking in mid September for a Ghostbusters costume. We thought that was pretty surprising, as he has never seen the movie and scares pretty easily. He was insistent though, and we got to work on building it.

We live in a small town, and it proved impossible to find anything, clothing-wise, to start his costume. I traveled to the nearest big city and searched in malls and second hand stores for a flight suit, or over-alls, or even a tan dress shirt. I asked around for brown long sleeves, anything that may work. I finally got smart and bought a cheap white dress shirt and dyed it with tea. I printed out the Ghostbusters logo and drew it out on the right color material and sewed it on his shirt. He then had to watch the movie, with eyes hidden, to decide what character he wanted to be, Spengler of course.

Because we knew the Proton Pack would make or break the costume, his Dad spent some time brainstorming. He then spent a few evenings in the garage building his creation. He used old back pack straps stapled to a piece of plywood and hot glued a bunch of small cardboard boxes to the plywood. The whole pack was spray painted. Then Dad glued a few gadgets and materials to the pack to give it texture. The best part was the lights. Dad managed to use old red lights and wired them up to a nine volt battery. He attached the nine volt battery in an accessible place so that we could change it out. The Proton Pack was awesome and the highlight of the costume.

Everywhere Isaac went, he got so many compliments. His classmates loved it. People at the local family Halloween dance loved it. It was light enough to wear for most of the night trick or treating and all we heard was ‘Check that out! He’s a Ghostbuster! Awesome!’  I think it was pretty nostalgic for a lot of Dads out trick or treating. He felt pretty special and him and his friends are wearing it outside to catch ghosts (who happens to be the dog).