What DO you call a group of unicorns?  A blessing, of course! And THAT, is our Halloween costume. We are a blessing…boy are we a blessing. In the back is daddy-corn, who works really hard so that mommy-corn can be home with the baby-corns (who are dressed up as a ballerina-corn and Ninja-corn).  We can’t forget the newest addition to the Holley Blessing: Blitz-a-corn, who is still learning how to stay snow white and keep from pulling his magical-horn off to chew on.

There are so many funny stories behind this costume idea from its conception to SJ declaring he thinks unicorns are dumb and only for girls. But, by far, the best part is the Unicorn Family photo op. I had ONE chance at getting us all together for a group shot. Blitz’s costume had to be altered because he took a dump in it and got poo all on the back (it is not true that unicorns poop skittles). Baby-corns must have eaten crack-laden rainbows about 20 minutes prior to me trying to wrangle them because they were not cooperating. Daddy-Corn had not settled into Rum Drink Thursday yet…still a tad bit edgy from his day selling unicorn tears aka beer.

Don’t you just love a family photo? Unicorns are no different. You know the one?  Everyone is smiling in the photo, but really this is going on… Extremely rare footage of a unicorn family trying to get a family photo:

And that’s my cue to say: Oh well, that’s our blessing. That’s who we are. What you see is what you get. Yelling and all. Even more important is I married a pretty awesome Unicorn. He loves dressing up more than I do and the fact that he thought this was just as much of an awesome idea as I did made planning the costumes even better.

Unicorns are a symbol of ferociousness, freedom, power and speed.  Each member of our Blessing displays some form of these characteristics in their own special way.

From our Blessing to Yours, Happy Halloween!