My son wanted to be Lego Ninjago Lloyd this year.  I searched and searched and there were no Lego Ninjago costumes to be found, so we created our own!  I was so happy with how it turned out and my son absolutely loved looking just like Lego Ninjago Lloyd.  Everyone who saw it were amazed and wanted to know where they could get one for their son.

Step 1 – The Head

For the head I purchased a large Halloween candy bowl and plastic basket.  I taped the two together and taped the inside and outside with green duck tape.  I cut the bottom of the basket out and then a rectangular whole in the front for the face.  I drew the eyes and eye brows onto clear plastic mesh and then I colored the whole piece with a yellow sharpie.  I made the crown piece out of silver foam material.  I then took green fleece material and made the face /neck wrap and secured it with Velcro.  It came out looking just like a Lego head!

Step 2 – The Body

For the body I used foam boards from the Dollar store.  I estimated the shape and measured my son to make sure the dimensions worked.  I made sure to leave one side open for ease of taking it on and off and made straps from duck tape and Velcro to close the opening once on.  We covered the entire body with green duck tape and then made duck tape shoulder straps.  On one side I attached the back of the shoulder strap with Velcro for ease of taking it on and off as well.  I then used white, black and green foam sheets to create the shirt and belt on the front of the body and secured it with craft glue.  I also used a sheet of silver duck tape to create the belt buckle and embellishments.    I really love how it turned out!

Step 3 – The Legs

For the legs, I made boots out of 1” high density foam.  Each boot was made with four separate pieces (front/back/sides – no bottom) that were glued together with spray adhesive and then covered in green duck tape.  After everything was covered we cut the back of the boot straight down the center so they could be taken on and off easier.  I then used duck tape and Velcro to cover the opening in the back and keep the boots on while walking around.

I think it turned out amazing and everyone was shocked to find out that it was homemade!  I can’t tell you how many people wanted to know where they could get one for their son and how many kids stop to see him while out trick-or-treating.  He felt like a celebrity!