My husband and I decided to be Walker Barbie and Clark Kent Ken this year for Halloween. I was diagnosed with a form of Dysautonomia called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. (POTS) in December 2014. Basically my body can’t adjust to gravity. I’m normal in a supine position but the minute I stand up my heart Rate increases drastically…from 85-130-180 just by standing up. It can cause me to faint, I get dizzy a lot, light headed, I can’t stand very long, I have to use a Walker Or wheelchair to walk. I went from normal to very sick literally over night.

We needed to figure out a costume where I can still dress up but also sit down quite a bit. I love dressing up and trying to figure out what to be was hard. I thought I would miss out on this Halloween! It is my favourite day!!!

After brainstorming some ideas we thought ‘ Barbie and Ken with a twist! I can be walker Barbie and he can be my superhero since he’s been there for me and hasn’t left my side since my diagnosis.

We then bought boxes and while he was at work I sat on the floor and began to cut the boxes into the shape there in. I took pink and blue tissue paper and taped it to the box for the color. I hand made the Barbie and Ken signs along with the Mattel signs on construction paper and white paint for the Mattel words.

After two days it was complete. We were wondering how I could hold mine up … My husband cut holes in my barbie box and attached my box onto my walker so I can still use my Walker to monouver around and when I needed to sit, there was plenty of room for me to do so. :)