Well being a new mom for the second time, it was harder to get the resources but even harder to feel comfortable going shopping for a costume. Everything on you can find a your local Jo-Ann\’s fabric and craft stores. I used green performance fabric for the skirt and tulle for the bottom as well as some metallic looking fabric for the fin. I took a bra and added shells and pearls glued and sewn on for dimension and a net that my dad being a fisherman had lying around. The starfish on my head was glued to a comb and stuck in my hair as well as netting. As fun as putting it together was it was more fun walking around getting the complements that I got. I am still very thick from having my second child and was almost scared of what people would think, everyone said what a beautiful costume I had and that I looked very voluptuous! One woman asked if I was cold and I told her no I had extra insulation and she replied, no hunny I have extra insulation you look great! Made my night!