We started this costume with cardboard boxes and small and large dryer ducts. Home Depot had a great selection, we tried each one on Vincent until we found one his width so his arms would easily stick out of. The girls working there thought this was hilarious as I stuck him in and out of boxes.

We spray painted them silver but you could still see the writing on the boxes so we painted it black then spray painted it again with silver. I cut a hole in the top of the big box and a square out of the small box and duct taped over the hole that was big enough for his head. We then cut out the bottom of the box and 2 holes in the sides for the arms. We duct taped small dryer duct on both ends so they weren’t sharp then duct taped them in the holes for the arms. We also duct taped the dryer ducts for the legs so they weren’t sharp but didn’t fix them to the box.

We hot glued on 2 book lights for eyes and 2 lights on the front. After a day the duct tape start undoing so we just went back and hot glued all the duct tape for a better hold . We also spray painted his light up shoes silver to match. That’s how we made Vincent the robot everyone loved this costume but no one more than Vincent.