This is my son Ricky in his unusual Leaf Monster Halloween costume, he’s 9. This year he wanted to be able to REALLY scare the heck out of people. We thought long and hard. We came up with a leaf pile. He can squat down and when the people are coming pop up! Who would suspect.

I had no idea how I would go about creating a Pile of Fall Leaves. I started rummaging through our old costumes and found the “dress” from an old Grimm Reaper costume. I attached “moss” all over with a hot glue gun (my trigger finger is sore! LOL) and then we glued on the leaves. We used an old camo hat and covered it with leaves as well. When he squats down he can keep his eyes peeking out so he can see his unsuspecting victims and easily stand up and “BOO!!”

It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! What do you think?