We wanted to be something that you don’t see every time you go out for Halloween, but we were very limited on time and money, so we came up with something using items that we already owned. I was raised in an area where deer hunting is a huge sport, so I thought it would be clever to incorporate that into our costumes.

For the deer costume, I already had a cheap brown dress that I had purchased on sale for $15 at Victoria’s Secret a few years before. Next, I purchased a deer antler headband on Amazon for only $8. It was the best looking one I could find..that category wasn’t very broad..lol. I already had the brown leggings as well, but the tail I had to make. I bought two brown squares and one white of felt at Walmart for only a couple dollars total. I glued all three layers on top of each other (the two brown on the bottom and the white on top), then I cut them out as best as I could into the shape of a deer tail, and oval shape with a wider base that comes to a pointy tip.

After I did that, I folded the wider base together slightly to get the look of a deer tail, and safety pinned it to stay that way. I safety pinned it onto my dress to look like it was standing up like deer tails commonly do. Last but not least, I used think eyeliner for the “deer eyes” and white face makeup for the freckles.

The hunter costume was easier. We purchased a camo hat and sweater from Walmart, and we bought green and brown face paint. He topped it off with some of his work boots and a pair of stained old jeans. Unfortunately we didn’t get it in the pictures, but he also had an UNLOADED bebe gun, because we couldn’t find a toy rifle to spray paint black, which was the original plan.

Just for picture sake, I also made antlers out of brown pipe cleaners for my dog.

Everyone seemed to love the costume and we got a lot of comments on how unique it was!