My Little Mermaid was made with much LOVE and lots of Re-Purposed Fabric.The top of the costume [corsett] was cut down from a size 12 Woman’s old Spanish cocktail dress which was stowed away in my shop.Reaching upward for another costume,”Low & Behold” this sequin dress fell ti the floor….MOMMY!!!!!!

I think this can match with my mermaid costume…So we both collaborated on the matter for awhile [she loves sparkles] Lame’ was used for the cut out shells trimmed with sequin strands.

Lower part of Mermaid was also cut smaller from an adult costume that I made in prior years [Extra fabric was sewn into treat bag] Talk about “HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS~I mean the Costume….Scrap fabric pieces from my treasure box of sewing goodies [as we all have] were cut-torn into strips for bottom of the tail. While on Summer Vacation,we picked seashells by the seashore,many times,over and over and OVER…Looking for the perfect ones.The shells were added to “My” little mermaid’s headband,and much to our surprise a lovely jeweled necklace washed up ashore…King Neptune would be estatic under the Sea…{old set of Rosary Beads missing the Cross].

I find that when creating ant type of costume,materials need not to be new at all times.Recycle,Re-Purpose,Re-Use to help obtain the BEST LOOK….going to the thrift shops,yard sales & basically into your own closet are hidden treasures, just waiting to be found….So start hunting for those quality keepsakes.

Background for scene was a lt blue tablecloth and old sheet. Ornamental grasses from my yard [by the way ~ few paper cuts w/ that one….] A toy bubble maker was the final finishing touch….ps Does anyone know how hard it is to have a child stand still for the photos,while bubbles are floating in the air?????lol

Taking pics took longer then making the costume…lol Lastly,when You have a Vision & Dream of Creating,Living or Exploring~ Take the chance and look outside the box…OR UNDER THE SEA.