A fan of 2 Face I was always intrigued by what made him become evil but Tommy Lee’s 2 Face acting and appearance was so terrible (in my opinion) that I lost interest in that character…until Christopher Nolan came along and basically turned all the characters from dumb and lame to dark and evil. As everyone can recall nobody really dressed as the joker until Heath Ledger did one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever seen with the Joker and suddenly it was THE costume of the year.

Knowing that everyone would mimic the Joker for years to come I also remember Harvey Dent and since nobody really dresses like him ’cause it’s a hard costume and if someone does dress like 2 Face it’s not a very good costume (just a a few that I’ve actually thought did a really good job pulling it off) so I decided this year to be very original and go as Harvey Dent.

1. Used half a bald cap and with Pros Aid I glued it all around the edges to my forehead and neck

2.) Applied liquid latex to my face to form the base and used toilet paper to make the 3D look

3.) Since liquid latex doesn’t mix very well with eye brow hair I covered my eye brow with a wax and then applied liquid latex on top

4.) I bought a prosthetic piece from Cinematic Effects to make the mouth piece and glued it to my face/lips using Pros Aid

5.) I cut half a ping pong ball to make the effect of the eye, I wanted it to really pop out so it could stand out

6.) Black and Red makeup was applied to get the burned and blood affect

The best part about this costume was that everyone wanted to take a picture with me. I saw Batman, Baine and other characters and everyone was really digging my costume. However it was uncomfortable after 3 hours so I probably will never do it again lol!