As children of the 80s, Halloween has a few quintessential elements to me and my husband.  Obviously there is candy, pumpkins, scary movies, and trick-or-treating, but another thing we both loved was the movie  “Ghostbusters “.  Every year you can guarentee it will be on TV in all it’s awesome quotable glory.

Our son is now old enough to trick-or-treat, but young enough that we have a say in his costume selection.  So we decided to honor that timeless movie (and have some fun) by decorating his cozy coupe truck as Ecto-1 (the ghostbuster mobile) and dressing him up as the only villian that can only appropriately be played by a toddler, the stay-puft marshmallow man.  Most of the materials were easily picked up at walmart or we had them on hand here.

Not wanting to feel left out, I threw on the brightest green sweatshirt I could find and used hem tape to add on felt tounge, eyes, and teeth to recreate Slimer.  And my husband recycled a ghostbusters costume he had from 3 years ago, complete with blow-up pack.

Kids were very confused as to who we are were, but thought the car was “cool”.  But the smiles, points, and “that’s awesome” comments from the other 30-something year old parents were what made it extra cool.