Easy DIY costume to make  (if you know how to sew). First I used minky material I had on hand to draw a cloud design. I cut four pieces of that out and my cloud was ready to be sewn. Once done I added quilting stuffing and quilted it so wasn’t so fluffy and had more body and shape to it. I sewed ribbon on for the straps and the sides to tie so would stay better and the one year old couldn’t get off!

The hardest part was trying to figure out the length for the shoulder straps because the 1 year old thought was hilarious to instantly run away so that took honestly the most time. Then the pants, the easiest part, I sewed the gray pants from a pattern I use for all my sons pants, that took 5 min. You could just pay some legging pants though and just as good. Then I drew and cut out rain drops on wax paper so I had am easy template to paint the rain drops on my pants. I used 3 different colors to create an ombre effect and took maybe 30 min to complete. Had a black shirt to wear underneath and blue shoes and we’re good to go!

We got so many compliments on this costume so far. At our local boo at the zoo, we got stopped by the local radio station, newspaper, news channel, and the boo itself for a picture. Everyone loved! Thought was unique and stood out in the crowd of super heros and princesses. Currently in the running to be winner for contest at a local photography company and local radio station (and I have a feeling we are going to win.

The funniest part of it all is that Eli, my son, insists on wearing his sunglasses with the costume and makes it that much cooler. I’m so glad choose to make this costume and since I’m currently pregnant, I’m so excited for the next baby to wear (who will be a little girl). It’s the perfect unisex costume!