Well it was getting close to Halloween last year and I still hadn’t come up with a costume idea for my teenage daughter and I. We wanted to do couple theme. Usually I dream (literally dream when asleep) my creations and how they will be made, but nothing.

We were at a thrift store browsing and I saw this awesome wedding gown, and bam! it hit me. Headless bride and groom carrying their heads. That night I dreamt how I was going to make the costumes.

Most of the inner construction was attached to a backpack for the height illusion. I added foam, cardboard, some papermache (neck), stuffed nylons (arms and hands), foam (shoulders), and a lot of hot glue and duck tape.

We attended several parties and won a couple contest but the best part was all the attention we got. Must have had our picture taken over a hundred times, alone and with people. At one party we danced together kind of swaying in unison, everyone said we looked creepy but sweet. Most people asked “how are you holding your head?” which seems like a silly question when you made the costume but it made me realize just how good an illusion these outfits gave.

Enjoy the pics.