We’ve just moved to the USA so this was our first ‘real’ Halloween and my 4 year old son was VERY excited to be able to choose his own costume.  He started out wanting a Police outfit, then he wanted to be a Fireman, then a spaceman and finally he settled on being a pilot.

Because we’ve just moved into our house, we had a HUGE amount of Ikea furniture delivered and an insane amount of cardboard boxes in storage waiting to be broken up for the recycling bin.  So I figured I’d use some of it to make a plane to go with his pilot outfit.  The movie of the year was Planes from Disney, and my son’s favourite character was Dusty, so he asked if I could try to make him a Dusty plane to ride in.

It took me 2 nights, a heap of Duck Tape and blisters on 4 fingers before it was finished.  I even made a pilot’s bag for him to collect his treats in, and at his request, I made sure the propeller of the plane was able to turn.  He LOVED it and wanted to sit in it every single day in the lead up to Halloween.

On Halloween night, I dressed up as a traffic controller to help him get around to all the local streets.  He ‘flew’ his costume to the first 10 houses before he decided that he’d rather run free and ditched the plane, which my husband then wore as a hat.  It was a lot of work, but it was worth every second.  I love trying new ideas and will do anything to make sure my son has an experience to remember, whatever the occasion.