We made this homemade circus ring master costume faith blood sweat and tears for our almost 2 year old.  He is going to have a circus birthday themed party. His mother was put on bed rest for extreme illness with pregnancy. She Googled images and did Pinterest, Nana helped mommy…and we made this entire costume from items at our house such as cut off high heeled boots glued to pants we tapered to fit, to an old red riding hood dress that was cut, decorated and sewn.

His hat is a St. Patty’s day hat the we built up with foam and batting covered with velvet and decorated with jewelry and feathers that were at our house! Our hardest part was the hat. Turns out Luca has a huge head, the head had to be cut and torn apart 7 times!  Our favorite part of this whole process was when he saw himself with his mustache on…he kept sawing wow…cute!! The family joined in on the fun. Our dog was his lion, daddy was the strong man…and mommy was the pregnant bearded lady!