First off this costume was a ton of fun to make and watch it slowly come together. I have been wanting to make this costume for years since I loved it as a kid when the movie first was released. The hardest part of the costume was actually finding all the materials to make it look just right, I didn’t want to skimp on any part! I started with the cage that took just over a month to make in my free time. The cage is made of 1/2 inch blue foamboard, 3 or 4 different types of modeling glue and black spray paint with chips to give it a real steel look. It turned out a lot better than I tought it would and is pretty strong for just foam. Next step was the outfit. The main part of the outfit is made from a painting dropcloth to give it a strait jacket look but be light and easy to sew. The rings were next and are just shower curtain grommets painted with a black and brown to give an old brass kind of look to them. The belts were the last part tp be made which are just some cheap belts paint brown. To bring the whole costume together I crushed up some burnt wood into powder and rubbed it into the cloth to give it a burnt look. Over all I think the costume turned out awesome and I loved the reactions I got from everyone that came across Halloween night!