7 year old, growing William Joel (born with spina bifida) owns a very special Nascar Dale Earnhardt jacket that surely will NOT fit him next year so this Halloween I decided to make him a wheelchair costume to match his speedy personality & his special jacket.  I first measured huge pieces of cardboard to fit the outside of the chair.  Then I attached the cut cardboard pieces first with duct tape & then Gorilla Glue.  I measured where the broom sticks would go (top back of chair & top of foot plate) & cut holes in the cardboard sides accordingly.  I painted the entire outside of the cardboard car with black spray paint, then I penciled all the lettering & details.  I first used paint pens to outline the lettering & details & then I filled them in with a small, flat paint brush & acrylic paint.  I photocopied sponsor logo stickers onto cardstock paper, cut them out & then glued them to the car with craft glue.  Even though his legs don\’t work, William is a VERY active kid who enjoys his handcycle, he likes to play wheelchair basketball, he loves rock climbing & he even got the opportunity to water ski this past summer.  It would not surprise this mama at all if some day in the future, he\’ll be on the real Nascar race track & be as popular (& good) as the original Dale Earnhardt, Sr.!!!!