Heroes in a half shell….Turtle power!

So, the plan was fancy dress for our friends 30th birthday party, we wanted something fun, but also a bit sexy! Really easy to make and really cheap too!

We bought plain green tights and dresses really cheaply from EBay. Then visited our local fabric shop for materials. We bought red, purple, orange and blue for the leg and arm bands and eye masks, brown for the belts and yellow for the tummy shell.

We made shells using aluminum roasting tins; we molded them into more of a turtle shell shape, and then covered them with papier mache. Once it was dried we painted them green, then the turtle shell effect in brown. Then we used green rope to attach the straps either side. We didn’t want to have to bother with handbags so we stuck a little pocket in the inside of the shells for makeup, money etc…leaving hands free for all Ninja style activities!

To make the underside of the shell we used yellow material and drew round the shell back pack to get the same size, once it was cut out we drew brown lines on with felt tip pen to make a shell effect. We then used fabric glue to stick the yellow fabric onto the dress. Belts were easy, just strips of brown stretchy fabric, then a circular buckle made out of gold and black cardboard with each of the turtle’s initials on, attached with a safety pin.

For the masks we used craft foam, and stuck the colored material onto them with fabric glue, and cut out the eye holes, we then sewed strips of material on either side to tie them with.

Finally, the weapons were bought very cheaply online, apart from Donatello’s staff which was made from a long garden cane, painted brown and then some purple felt fastened round the middle.

Easy Peasy!

Cowabunga dudes!