For my 16th birthday I was absolutely determined to be Buzz Lightyear, so after a lot of brainstorming on how we would have the costume I decided I wanted the girly touch hence the tutu, but I still wanted it too be like a sensible costume.

We ordered a Buzz Lightyear costume for about £10 – which I thought was quite cheap – when it came we cut off the arms, front panel and the wings, as these were the only bits we were going to use.

We ordered a white long sleeved leotard and stitched the front panel and arms on. We then ordered all the green netting and used the green band off the costume to create the tutu, which  I made it stick out loads, but could be made as flat as you like.

As it was February  I paired it up with some knee high socks and just some sensible white pumps as it was snowwy outside. I wrote ANDY on the bottom in a permanent marker, which proved a good laugh later with someone called Andy. I also wore some black sparkly shorts under just for extra warmth, which I wanted purple ones but they hadn’t arrived in time.

When all together we didn’t like the wings that came with the outfit so ordered some blow up ones, which were great fun until I had to walk through a door sideways which became REALLY annoying, so I took them off after about an hour.

The costume we originally brought came with the gloves and hat as well. I wore the gloves when I got cold hands, as we were outside for a bit, and I really didn’t like the hat  so I was going to have a purple ribbon in my hair, but completely forgot about it as I was getting ready.

The costume’s still completely in tact and I will definitely wear it again. This was pretty easy to make and only took about 3 days to make overall but could easily be made with some dedication in a day.