My daughter and I love Halloween! This year we decided to dress as characters from the movie Tangled. The biggest challenge was the hair! All the wigs are so thin that they would never work for Rapunzel. We bought a wig to use as a base then added a lot of extra hair extensions. Of course we decided to do the braid for practical purposes.

It was almost impossible to find the right colored fabric and most of the material that was right was the wrong color and synthic fibers. After a bit of research I found a dye that will color polyester fabric and bought fabric in various shades of pink and lilac. I dyed everything in the polyester dye to have all the fabric in the same hue.

Another challenge was time! I have to travel for work, so I ended up taking a vacation day to finish the costume. Oh, and good luck finding a pattern for an adult Rapunzel, they don’t exist. I bought three separate patterns and cut and taped the pieces to create the bodice. My daughter was out of town while I was sewing it so I just had to guess that the size was right. No fittings till the point of no return. I had to fix a few things but it fit for the most part. Ok, this is when it got a little scary. I was Halloween day and my daughters costume was done and I hadn’t even started sewing mine! I woke up very early and somehow managed to finish it within a few hours.

All in all the costumes were success. We had several little girls wanting to take pictures with us while we were out and about.