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1000+ Awesome Group Costumes

When a large, recognizable, costumed group comes into a room, it makes a big impact. You will definitely consider getting a group together for Halloween after viewing these awesome group costumes!

The easiest way to gather a group together is to bribe your family. If that doesn’t work, find friends who will happily go along with your idea. We take the difficulty out of settling on a concept with our tremendous selection of amazing group costumes below.

Some ideas are super scary, like Disney villans or the cast of American Horror Story. If that’s too terrifying, take a look at our fast food costumes, childhood toys and rock stars. Still more, are unique ideas like a movie camera with reels. Like humorous costumes? Go as a hunter’s taxidermy wall – this one made us laugh out loud.

We can’t wait to see what you have come up with!

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