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1000+ Coolest Homemade Couple Costumes

This Halloween, enhance your costume by pairing up with someone. The couples in this section come in all relations to each other. Some are spouses, some are siblings and some just like hanging out together wearing homemade costumes. Deciding who to buddy up with is the easy part, the harder part is deciding what your couple costumes will be. Find your inspiration from our fantastic pairs here.

Some couples have recreated couple costumes from their favorite movies, like Shrek and The Little Shop of Horrors. Others have gone simpler and become emojis. Still more couples have undergone a major transformation and become Hobbit characters, famous artists, green toy soldiers, sloths and roller coaster riders. Personally, we have a soft spot for toddlers dressed up as old people!

So grab your friend and have a look at these awesome couple costume ideas. Because dressing up is more fun with a partner!

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