I wanted to make an adorable and funny costume for my daughter’s first Halloween. And I had some time on my hands being at home and all.  You know, back when it’s your first child, and an easy child at that!  I decided on a grape costume.  I bought a big soft purple blanket for 5$ and made a loose fitting sleeveless onesie (eyeballing it) and then cut out plenty of purple circles from the rest of the blanket and other scraps of purple material and felt found here and there. I simply stitched all around the circles and pulled on the thread to form pouches, stuffed them and sewed them on the onesie.

I then took pieces of green and made leaves around the collar. I also made a little hat out of a round of plastic covered in the green material with leaves and vines with an elastic to put on her head (which stayed on for just about the times of the photo). It’s still my favorite costume ever, three years later!  Everyone who saw her had a good laugh, and I got tons of compliments on my handiwork.  Wishing I could put one of my boys in it this year, but they’re too big. May try to rent it out, at least get some more use out of it!