These Superhero Lego Minifigure costumes are fairly straightforward to make. You need a lot of cardboard boxes, sono tubes, spray paint, and your choice of adhesive. I drew a rough design for each character and started with building the bodies, then the hands, heads, and finished it off with spray paint and small details such as symbols, capes, masks, etc.

The hands are made of cardboard which took roughly 4 hours to make 8 hands. For Batman’s cape I used a bed sheet and for Superwoman’s cape and dress I used a body pillowcase. My recommendation for making these costumes is to provide yourself with sufficient amount of time and space. Unfortunately I had 4 nights after work to make all 4 costumes. Another recommendation is to make sure the sizes of the bodies don’t exceed the capacity of your car. We had to take 3 separate vehicles to transport the costumes.

The sono tubes are easy to work with. I used a cooking knife to cut the eyes out and paper mache to make the curve on the tops of the heads. Since I was in a time crunch I cut a lot of the designs out of the original plan. The masks for the characters are spray painted however I originally wanted to make removable masks out of cardboard so we could be Lego people with or without our character masks (yellow Lego head would be my actual mask and the mask for the costume would be for the Lego person’s character….confusing?). I also wanted to add the single Lego connector part on the top of the head and a neck. Some things to consider if you decide to go with this costume in the future.

One of many chaotic moments of this process was drying the wet spray paint in our cars while we were transporting them from my house to the Halloween event we were attending. Also enjoyed the fox that peaked his head through the unscreened basement window. That was a nice treat. This was my first time making a group costume as I typically fly solo for Halloween, however the response from onlookers was amazing!! I felt like we were actually superheroes (minus the powers) because people stopped us every 2 steps to take photos!! Loved the reactions and would definitely recommend these costumes for a group of people.