My boyfriend and I are big soccer/football fans and couldn’t believe this year when Uruguay’s Louis Suarez BIT Italy’s George Chiellini. It was a famous bite seen around the world and was turned into memes, YouTube videos and dubbed Suarez as a vampire! It wasn’t his first bite (and I am sure it won’t be his last), but it was too much of an iconic moment in 2014 for us NOT to make it a costume.

My boyfriend got a white Uruguay jersey, we threw fake blood all over it, and with a Sharpie we wrote SUAREZ in the back with his number. He also bought fangs that mold to your mouth and we made them yellow with crayon because Suarez has yellow teeth. We also dripped blood all over the corners of his mouth and darkened the corners of his lips with black eyeshadow.

For Chiellini, I wore an Italian shirt I had and just tied it to be a crop top, I wore blue shorts that said soccer on the back (I have these from playing soccer) and I wore soccer socks that I also had with really dirty Converse sneakers. The makeup was key for me, so I used liquid latex and toilet paper layers to create scratches on my face and stomach, but I really went crazy with the liquid latex on my neck. I created layers of “skin” and cut and pulled at each layer to really look like my throat was torn up. I used foundation to make the latex all over my body skin colored and then I layered and shadowed with blacks, browns, purples, white, and reds to make it look gory. The last touch was fake blood dripping all around the cut areas. I also blacked my eyes out and drew veins all over my face to make it look like the zombie infection was spreading and just to create another level of realism.

A lot of people loved our costume and asked us to take pictures with them. We didn’t go anywhere where there was a costume contest though, so not sure how it would it do. :)