The first thing I did was to purchase the Stay Puft costume from a local costume store. The “only” part I used from the package was the body that blows up (uses a fan with batteries in the inside). The body works ok if you don’t care about the head and body being made out of the same material.

I would still advise going another route, because the zipper broke (in the back) and  the internal fan went out the first time I used it – just a FYI. I don’t recall where the gloves were purchased, but it was at a local store. The blue body material was purchased from hobby lobby. I just bought a slab of blue cloth and had my mom do the rest. The white around the blue body piece is electrical tape. The red ribbon was purchased from Hobby lobby. For some reason I want to say that it is made out of a silky material. The head is a cardboard box, with a white foam wrapped around it. The top of the hat is a dog bowl – purchased from Pets Mart wrapped in another white material purchased from Hobby Lobby. I believe the STAY PUFT lettering was purchased from the dollar store. I could have cut out the face a little better, but it was all put together on Halloween. I can’t take credit for anything, if it looks good it’s the part my mom did. Will definitely have it looking smoother in the future. It was fun to wear, the kids loved it and wanted their pictures taken with it. They couldn’t wait to put our picture on Instagram when they got home, lol! One more thing, tie wraps were used to keep the hat connected to the head – white tie wraps. Hopefully this leads you in the right direction if you’re wanting to make a Stay Puft costume. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Happy Halloween! :)