I started this Spooky Dia de los Muertos couple costume with a men’s plain brown jacket and added gold spider material to the lapel and pockets and the jacket and the entire front of the vest underneath. The black hat has a brown and gold spider ribbon on it and brown flowers added to the side. The makeup was hand painted by myself.

My costume started with a black shirt that I added a silver spider web fabric to the ‘bib’ of the shirt and glued all colored flowers on top of the fabric that I ruffled. I added a black corset above the shirt. The headpiece is a headband that I clipped a small hat to and added more flowers and silver fabric along with some pearls. I wore some laced glove/arm pieces and had black nails. The face paint was also hand painted by myself.

Each costume took about 4 hours each and the makeup took about 45min for each face.